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UK Nautical Leagues to US Leagues


UK nl



US Leagues

UK Nautical Leagues to US Leagues formula

US lea =

UK nl * 1.1515

UK nl -> US lea

US lea =

UK nl * 1.1515

US lea =

0* 1.1515

US lea =


UK Nautical Leagues US Leagues
0UK nl 0.00US lea
1UK nl 1.15US lea
2UK nl 2.30US lea
3UK nl 3.45US lea
4UK nl 4.61US lea
5UK nl 5.76US lea
6UK nl 6.91US lea
7UK nl 8.06US lea
8UK nl 9.21US lea
9UK nl 10.36US lea
10UK nl 11.52US lea
11UK nl 12.67US lea
12UK nl 13.82US lea
13UK nl 14.97US lea
14UK nl 16.12US lea
15UK nl 17.27US lea
16UK nl 18.42US lea
17UK nl 19.58US lea
18UK nl 20.73US lea
19UK nl 21.88US lea
UK Nautical Leagues US Leagues
20UK nl 23.03US lea
21UK nl 24.18US lea
22UK nl 25.33US lea
23UK nl 26.48US lea
24UK nl 27.64US lea
25UK nl 28.79US lea
26UK nl 29.94US lea
27UK nl 31.09US lea
28UK nl 32.24US lea
29UK nl 33.39US lea
30UK nl 34.55US lea
31UK nl 35.70US lea
32UK nl 36.85US lea
33UK nl 38.00US lea
34UK nl 39.15US lea
35UK nl 40.30US lea
36UK nl 41.45US lea
37UK nl 42.61US lea
38UK nl 43.76US lea
39UK nl 44.91US lea

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