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Short Tons (US) to Long Hundredweights (UK)


Short Tons



cwt long

Short Tons (US) to Long Hundredweights (UK) formula

cwt long =

US t * 17.85714

US t -> cwt long

cwt long =

US t * 17.85714

cwt long =

0* 17.85714

cwt long =


Short Tons (US) Long Hundredweights (UK)
0US t 0.00cwt long
1US t 17.86cwt long
2US t 35.71cwt long
3US t 53.57cwt long
4US t 71.43cwt long
5US t 89.29cwt long
6US t 107.14cwt long
7US t 125.00cwt long
8US t 142.86cwt long
9US t 160.71cwt long
10US t 178.57cwt long
11US t 196.43cwt long
12US t 214.29cwt long
13US t 232.14cwt long
14US t 250.00cwt long
15US t 267.86cwt long
16US t 285.71cwt long
17US t 303.57cwt long
18US t 321.43cwt long
19US t 339.29cwt long
Short Tons (US) Long Hundredweights (UK)
20US t 357.14cwt long
21US t 375.00cwt long
22US t 392.86cwt long
23US t 410.71cwt long
24US t 428.57cwt long
25US t 446.43cwt long
26US t 464.29cwt long
27US t 482.14cwt long
28US t 500.00cwt long
29US t 517.86cwt long
30US t 535.71cwt long
31US t 553.57cwt long
32US t 571.43cwt long
33US t 589.29cwt long
34US t 607.14cwt long
35US t 625.00cwt long
36US t 642.86cwt long
37US t 660.71cwt long
38US t 678.57cwt long
39US t 696.43cwt long

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