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Pound force per square inch Millimeters of water
0psi 0.00mm H2O
1psi 703.07mm H2O
2psi 1406.14mm H2O
3psi 2109.21mm H2O
4psi 2812.28mm H2O
5psi 3515.35mm H2O
6psi 4218.42mm H2O
7psi 4921.49mm H2O
8psi 5624.56mm H2O
9psi 6327.63mm H2O
10psi 7030.70mm H2O
11psi 7733.77mm H2O
12psi 8436.83mm H2O
13psi 9139.90mm H2O
14psi 9842.97mm H2O
15psi 10546.04mm H2O
16psi 11249.11mm H2O
17psi 11952.18mm H2O
18psi 12655.25mm H2O
19psi 13358.32mm H2O
Pound force per square inch Millimeters of water
20psi 14061.39mm H2O
21psi 14764.46mm H2O
22psi 15467.53mm H2O
23psi 16170.60mm H2O
24psi 16873.67mm H2O
25psi 17576.74mm H2O
26psi 18279.81mm H2O
27psi 18982.88mm H2O
28psi 19685.95mm H2O
29psi 20389.02mm H2O
30psi 21092.09mm H2O
31psi 21795.16mm H2O
32psi 22498.23mm H2O
33psi 23201.30mm H2O
34psi 23904.37mm H2O
35psi 24607.43mm H2O
36psi 25310.50mm H2O
37psi 26013.57mm H2O
38psi 26716.64mm H2O
39psi 27419.71mm H2O

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