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Long Tons (UK) to Short Hundredweights (US)


Long Tons



sh cwt

Long Tons (UK) to Short Hundredweights (US) formula

sh cwt =

UK t * 22.40000

UK t -> sh cwt

sh cwt =

UK t * 22.40000

sh cwt =

0* 22.40000

sh cwt =


Long Tons (UK) Short Hundredweights (US)
0UK t 0.00sh cwt
1UK t 22.40sh cwt
2UK t 44.80sh cwt
3UK t 67.20sh cwt
4UK t 89.60sh cwt
5UK t 112.00sh cwt
6UK t 134.40sh cwt
7UK t 156.80sh cwt
8UK t 179.20sh cwt
9UK t 201.60sh cwt
10UK t 224.00sh cwt
11UK t 246.40sh cwt
12UK t 268.80sh cwt
13UK t 291.20sh cwt
14UK t 313.60sh cwt
15UK t 336.00sh cwt
16UK t 358.40sh cwt
17UK t 380.80sh cwt
18UK t 403.20sh cwt
19UK t 425.60sh cwt
Long Tons (UK) Short Hundredweights (US)
20UK t 448.00sh cwt
21UK t 470.40sh cwt
22UK t 492.80sh cwt
23UK t 515.20sh cwt
24UK t 537.60sh cwt
25UK t 560.00sh cwt
26UK t 582.40sh cwt
27UK t 604.80sh cwt
28UK t 627.20sh cwt
29UK t 649.60sh cwt
30UK t 672.00sh cwt
31UK t 694.40sh cwt
32UK t 716.80sh cwt
33UK t 739.20sh cwt
34UK t 761.60sh cwt
35UK t 784.00sh cwt
36UK t 806.40sh cwt
37UK t 828.80sh cwt
38UK t 851.20sh cwt
39UK t 873.60sh cwt

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