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Inches of Water to Millimeters of water


in H20



mm H2O

Inches of Water to Millimeters of water formula

mm H2O =

in H20 * 25.40000

in H20 -> mm H2O

mm H2O =

in H20 * 25.40000

mm H2O =

0* 25.40000

mm H2O =


Inches of Water Millimeters of water
0in H20 0.00mm H2O
1in H20 25.40mm H2O
2in H20 50.80mm H2O
3in H20 76.20mm H2O
4in H20 101.60mm H2O
5in H20 127.00mm H2O
6in H20 152.40mm H2O
7in H20 177.80mm H2O
8in H20 203.20mm H2O
9in H20 228.60mm H2O
10in H20 254.00mm H2O
11in H20 279.40mm H2O
12in H20 304.80mm H2O
13in H20 330.20mm H2O
14in H20 355.60mm H2O
15in H20 381.00mm H2O
16in H20 406.40mm H2O
17in H20 431.80mm H2O
18in H20 457.20mm H2O
19in H20 482.60mm H2O
Inches of Water Millimeters of water
20in H20 508.00mm H2O
21in H20 533.40mm H2O
22in H20 558.80mm H2O
23in H20 584.20mm H2O
24in H20 609.60mm H2O
25in H20 635.00mm H2O
26in H20 660.40mm H2O
27in H20 685.80mm H2O
28in H20 711.20mm H2O
29in H20 736.60mm H2O
30in H20 762.00mm H2O
31in H20 787.40mm H2O
32in H20 812.80mm H2O
33in H20 838.20mm H2O
34in H20 863.60mm H2O
35in H20 889.00mm H2O
36in H20 914.40mm H2O
37in H20 939.80mm H2O
38in H20 965.20mm H2O
39in H20 990.60mm H2O

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